Getting the most from face-to-face marketing & TRADE SHOWS


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Media organizations

add new revenues and delight advertisers with Face-to-Face Events

Media organizations enjoy exceptional relationships with advertisers and readers unequalled by other communications companies--yet many fail to leverage these advantages

  • Audience databases you own
  • Insights on most important (and evolving) industry issues and "hot buttons"
  • Relationships with "thought leaders" beyond your editorial team
  • Editorial expertise and content
  • Advertiser relationships
  • Trusted role as "content curators" that create value for readers
  • Your brands are "part of the industry" - and are not viewed as "outsiders"

Yet, many publishers don't yet fully monetize their assets--and some give them away for nearly zero through collaboration with outside organization.

Contact us to explore how the addition of events can serve your advertisers and readers, while also increasing your revenues and more fully leveraging your intellectual properties (IP).